panlipas oras!

sinagutan ko to habang comatose ako sa pagkagicing.. sapilitan lng..

1. What do people usually call you?
= repah..garci.. aging.. jho..

2 . Do you have freckles?
= peckles… yan n b bagong twag sa pecklas??

3. Have you ever been to EK?
= uu sa my quiapo un.. sobrang mura ng tinda dyan s my ibaba yan ng lrt… ang totoong name nyen ay KAEEKAN ATBP. db ang susyal kbog ang neymsung!!

4. Do you feel comfortable dancing in
= uu!! dti akong myembro ng mga sumsayaw s baywok..
tapos hagis brya..
5. Have you ever kissed a mirror?
= uu.. sobrang ganda ko kc pg nkahrap ako s mirror!! i love it!

6. Do you still talk to your
bestfriend from when you were 14?
=uu di namen xa pipe..

7. Can you sing?
= uu!!

8. Do you own a fone?
=  uu!!

9. What was your favorite tv show as a
= ang t.v.

10. Do you still have feelings for an
= wat do u min??? ex is only a letter duh!
11. Would you rather bungee jump or
sky dive?
= gora s dalawa

12. Who is the hottest celebrity?

13. Who was the last person to call
= ang aking syupatid

14. Do you like to text or call on
your fone?
= coll subrang tamad aq mgtxt..

15. What kind of music do you listen
= sound of music hek..hek

16. Did the movie Titanic make you
= hindi.. d ko kc nlaman n titanic pla title nun akala ko tataynic..

17. Have you ever punched someone?
= uu..

18. Has anyone ever punched you?
= subukan lng nila.. papatembangels ko cla

19. Have you ever been dumped?
= no! im not a garbage

20. Big dogs, small dogs, or cats?
= oll

21. How many cars have you owned?
= vtech lng .. vitechleta

22. Do you call your bestfriend
everyd ay?
=hindi.. noh.. anu xa.. siniswerte??
23. Where do you live at?
= the most controvercial province… bulacan

24. Have you ever gotten drunk?
= hindi.. mautak ako pag dating dyan

25. Have you ever?
= d nga..

26. Who do you think about the most?
= me, myself, and i!! juk lng d ako selfish… the whole world

27. when is your birthday?
= secret walang clue

28 . Do you like to watch tv?
= uu

29. When is the last time you went to
the movies?
= i cant remember!
30. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
= mlapit n!!! lumalabo n mta ko kakablog

31 . What country/ies do you mostly
want to go to someday?
= north pole… i want to see santa and ask him to stop global warming bring the ice in the world.. bonga..

32. Do you think anyone could ever
really be satisfied?
= aba malay ko pag nagiinarte cla… gudluck n lng..
33. Are you religious?
=ahmm!!! uu!!

34 . Do you live with your parents?
= yap

35. Would you like to live to be 110
years old?
= ang chaka ko n nun!

36. Have you ever said to your parents
how much you love them?
= indi p .. hiya ako eh

37. Do you kiss on the first date?
= wla pa

38. What hair color do you like most
on the oppisite sex?
= bleck

39. When is the last time you took a
shower or bath?
= early mowning..

40. Have you ever been to a concert?
= uu

41. Do you talk to your parents?
=parent n lng c mudang n lng eh.. uu

42. How many siblings do you have?
= 7

43. Do you like the color BLUE? what
about RED?
= blue is the best policy.. and red is the virtue.. nosebleed!

44 . Do you have more girl friends or
guy friends?
= both

45. Have you ever played in the rain?
= uu.

46. Ever seen a tornado?
= d pa.. san b?

47. How many meals do you eat a day?
= 4 or more

48. Who do you most resemble in your
= My mudrax

49. What kind of accent do you have?
=filipino accent

50. How long have you known your

=d ko knowings n eh!!!


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